Board of Education

Pictured back row (left to right):  Guy DesJardins, Vice President Human Resources; Paul Klenczar, Secretary; Rick Moynihan, Vice President of Extracurricular Issues; Gordon Miller, Vice President Operations

Pictured front row (left to right):  Margaret Marten, Treasurer, Fran Babbage, President; Julie Sheppard, Vice President of Teaching and Learning

The Allen Park Board of Education is a seven-member legislative body elected by the residents of the school district. The Board consists of a president, vice presidents, secretary, and treasurer. These positions are elected by the Board during the first meeting in January. The Board is dedicated to the education of all children in the Allen Park School District. They research issues; lobby for the District's fair share of funds from state and federal legislators; attend school events; serve on multiple committees; and discuss and vote on policy issues. To carry out its policies and other decisions and to manage the K-12 schools, the Board selects a chief executive officer, the Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent and the administrative staff operate the schools according to the policies established by the Board. The Board considers recommendations from the Superintendent for approval.